Individual Membership

This plan protects one member and pays for uncapped attorney fees for both criminal and civil proceedings associated with that member’s lawful use of a firearm in self-defense of their person or property.

*All plans have a one-time set up fee of $19.95 for individuals or $39.90 for families due with first payment.  Plans do not include appeal related costs.  Minor children are considered under the age of 18 and residing in the member’s home.  Certain limitations apply.  See our Legal Services Contract Membership Agreement for additional specificity.

Individual Plan

139 annual
  • Comprehensive coverage for one member in their home state
  • Uncapped attorney fees
  • Defense for civil and criminal cases
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Local, specialized defense attorneys

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REFUND POLICY * You may terminate your membership within seven (7) days of the date you enroll if you are not satisfied with your membership benefits. Any costs or fees paid hereunder by you and received by us will be refunded to you provided you have not sought or received Legal Services or Other Benefits hereunder for the period prior to termination. Your membership will then be void from the beginning as if it had never been entered into with no duty or obligation owing from either you or us. Unless you are required under Section 4.4 of your membership agreement, you may also terminate this Contract or remove family members by giving us thirty (30) days’ advance written notice. Any unearned costs or fees paid hereunder by you and received by us will be refunded to you on a prorated basis.