Laws won’t keep you out of Jail. Our attorneys can.

Protect yourself with an FLP plan today.

Firearms Legal Protection provides members with uncapped legal defense coverage when a lawful weapon is used for the legitimate defense of yourself, others, or property as allowed by applicable law.

Backed by our vast network of experienced attorneys, our members are equipped with service and support for every second after the trigger is pulled.



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What Our Members Say

That’s why I’m an FLP member– I believe it’s the right thing to do, and I have the peace of mind knowing my family, my financial assets, my liberty and all our 2nd Amendment rights are protected.

George Dunha, The Ticket Sportsradio - Dallas, Texas

I carry a firearm for protection. And I carry Firearms Legal Protection because if anything should ever happen, my financial assets and my liberty will be protected, too.

Lisa Taylor, 99.5 the Wolf - Dallas, TX

I can’t explain the level of comfort I have knowing that for less than ten bucks a month, I’m covered –no matter what- any time I have to use my gun in self-defense.

Blaine Eaddy

I’m a firearm owner because I believe in the right to defend myself & my family, and Firearm Legal Protection gives me the protection I need to feel comfortable about that decision.

Ben Fitchtenbaum, Former Military

We have to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and the freedoms of this great nation. My membership with FLP helps me do that.

George Martin



  • Comprehensive coverage for one person in their home state
  • Uncapped attorney fees
  • Defense for civil and criminal cases
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Local, specialized defense attorneys

Premium Individual

  • All benefits of individual plan plus:
  • Multi State coverage
  • Bail Bond protection up to $250,000
  • Expert witness/Investigator fees
  • Lost wages reimbursement
  • Firearm confiscation payment
  • Firearm confiscation payment

Premium Family

  • All benefits of individual plan plus:
  • Comprehensive coverage for member, spouse and minor children
  • Multi State coverage
  • Bail Bond protection up to $250,000
  • Expert Witness/Investigator fees
  • Minor children coverage
  • Lost wages reimbursement
  • Firearm confiscation payment
  • Incident scene clean-up fee